About the company...

Info Action is a small technical communication company located in Sydney, Australia. It was started in 1995 with the intention of servicing small to medium high-tech and industrial companies.

Several team members have over 15 years of technical communication experience, but we also recognise the need to have younger team members with fresh ideas and familiarity with the latest trends. We all enjoy technical writing and the related activities, and we'd love to get involved with your documentation.

We have come to this profession from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, professional writing and military. This enables us to get on with your documentation with a minimum of disruption to your key technical experts. Before agreeing to any project with us, you will know who is going to do the work. We are proud of our credentials and we are happy to provide résumés for each person who will be involved in your project.

Here are some of the advantages of getting Info Action involved with your technical documentation project:

Wide range of media - manuals, data sheets, on-line information, multimedia, and illustrations.

Fast, expert service - everything is done in-house, from estimating through to writing, editing, illustrating, photography and on-line product development.

Experienced, enthusiastic staff - we have a mix of industrial, technical and communication skills.

Very competitive rates.

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