Original solutions

Here is what makes Info Action completely different to other writers, editors and illustrators: if there isn't an opmum solution for your solution, we will de3sign ti and build it.

Decades of exposure to poorly-conceived solutions has given us powerful insights into what works, for specific organisations and situations. This page list some examples.

How-to-Vote app for NSW Greens in 2015 elections Australian voters are accustomed to the throng of volunteers handing out how-to-vote advice at the entrance of schools, community centers and other voting places. We recognised this as an ideal candidate for a smartphone app. Our solution uses locative services to identify the voter's electorate, then delivers the how-to-vote electronically. It also enables voters to manually shoose their electorate, in case GPS is not available, or they are voting away from home.

World's most sophisticated free web timesheets Originally this was developed as an in-house solution to efficiently manage payment and billing of contractors' work. Theere was no web-based solution that was compatible with MYOB at the time (around 2003), so we made one. It became indespensable to the efficiency of Info Action - we figured that other businesses could use it too. Etime Biz is optimised for the workflow and roles of contracting agencies, enabling them to create their own "eco system" of employees, customers and supervisors in about half an hour.  

Minus40 website re-architecture This successful engineering company specialises in redesing of obsolete, environmentally harmful refrigeration systems. Enquiries come from all around Australia and overseas, as companies realised they have only a short timeframe to remove systems that rely on R22 refrigerant. Info Action migrated the site to Drupal content management, revitalising the text and images, including many original site photographs. Critically, the new site was developed to a stage where routine updates can be easily done in-house.  

We are currently prototyping and advanced end-to-end smartglass solution. It incorporates a Word addin for content authoring, and an intelligent app that presents content for field service techicians and audirots. Smartglasses (such as Google Glass and Vuzix M100) improve efficiency and safety by enabling staff to work hands-free in difficult situations. Contact us to ask for a demo or enquire about partnering opportunities.   

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