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Info Action's owner, Colin Dawson, has been an inovator in multimedia since 1990. In that year, he won a competitive grant from the Australian Film Commission, enabling him to produce one of Sydney's first genuine interactive multimedia installations. This was exhibited in the Third International Sound Exhibition (Australia) show.

Other early Info Action animations were used in support of the Tertiary and Further Education satellite broadcasting network.

More recently, this expertise has been used to produce efficient web content and e-learning applications. Some of Info Action's pioneering work in e-learning for the Pocket PC was presented at these conferences:

EdMedia World Conference on E-learning and Multimedia (Honolulu, 2003).

Adobe Open Publish (Sydney, 2003) .


SoftNoze Inc We created a series of 11 Flash animations that explain how to use a patented new type of industrial sensor mounting system. This shows in a matter of seconds what would take hundreds of words to explain.

EMC Technology

Web site navigator Our main web site navigator is based on Flash and contains some distinctive design features. You need to have Flash 7 installed to view it.

The selection of pages in our navigator is generated dynamically from an XML file.

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