Graphic design and illustrating

Here are some of the graphic-related products and services that Info Action can provide. Naturally we are happy to advise you on the most suitable type of graphics for your project.

Technical illustrating We can quote for any type of job, from simple cartoon-style abstract art through to exploded assembly diagrams in three-point perspective. We have produced work for a wide range of products, including power stations, military equipment and home handyman books.

Web-site gaphics We can quickly and inexpensively produce original art, or rework your existing art.

Industrial photogaphy We specialise in electronic equipment with LCD or LED displays. We can either use this directly, retouch it in PhotoShop, or convert it to smooth, scaleable vector artwork for use in Flash or printed documents.

Layout and desktop publishing Because we are always designing manuals, data sheets and web site content, we are very fast an efficient. Naturally we can produce non-technical content and our prices are typically lower than dedicated "desktop publishers." One more advantage of working with Info Action: we give you files that you can modify in common office pakages, not magazine-layout pakages.


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Reynard open wheel racing car We created a series of realistic mock-ups showing how the car would look with logos of various potential sponsors. This enabled the team owner to make convincing presentations to sponsors.

Car illustration


Exploded assembly diagram of telephone used in harzardous environments. We produced this diagram from incomplete prototypes and blueprints. The basic diagram was used in many different situations, including the installation and repair manuals, industrial design awards and promotional material.

Exploded Assembly diagram (Acrobat 5 Reader required)


Workshop training poster (only a small part of it is shown due to disclosure restrictions). The complete poster shows start-up and shutdown-procedures that are related to realistic cutaway views of the machine. This enables factory workshop staff to instantly recognise the parts, yet visualise their internal construction. The poster was awarded Excellence in technical art by Society for Technical Communication (2003).

Plastics Extruder (Acrobat 5 Reader required)


Retouched photograph used on a catalog-style web site. We created many new images for the web site, taking care to make them consistent with existing images. This example shows an image where there was no file to work from - only a printed brochure with text across the image.

Web site graphic

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