Manuals and user guides

Team members have produced many types of documentation during their varied technical communications careers:

Commercial user guides We have produced some beautiful user guides for commercial products.

End-user manuals Some examples include operator's manuals for mining machinery, software users' manuals and maintenance guides. We have solid experience with Sarbane-Oxley compliance and ERP systems.

IT documentation We can help with documentation for the full software development lifecylce. We also do documents for professional IT users, such as configuration guides, migration instructions and admin guides. Mainframe, midrange or desktop environments are all within our scope.

Military documentation This includes MIL-STD-2167A and DEF AUST 5629 methodologies. Team members have hands-on industrial experience in aviation and naval technologies.

ISO-9000 documentation We can write documents from scratch or assist you to tidy up existing documents, including quality manual and work procedures. We specialise in providing online documents for instant delivery and updating.

Standard operational procedures Take advantage of our experience with integrated safety and environmental guidelines to improve efficiency of your operations. We have specific experience with factory, mining and industrial procedures.


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User guide for laboratory instrument Although this project was initially expected to take about three months of part-time effort, the instrument was redesigned part-way through. Writing the user guide was delayed for about nine months. However, due to our commitment and flexibility, we honoured the original fixed-price contrat value.

This document was awarded Merit in the Society for Technical Communication technial writing competition, 2002.

BF400 User Guide (Acrobat 5 Reader required)

Installation Guide for building control system This guide is a three-in-one:

Harmony User Guide (Acrobat 5 Reader required)

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